Built during Southern Utah Code Camp 2014, JuxtaPros is a web app for quickly making lists of pros and cons. Jacob Ward and I came up with the idea, and we actually tried to build it for Code Camp two years in a row. The first year, we built the front end but ran out of time before we could build the back end (it didn’t help that neither of us had built a back end before).

The second year, we decided to start with the back end. Unfortunately, we also decided to try learning Node and React for the first time… We didn’t finish much that year, haha. But for only having worked on it for 48 hours, I’m proud that we’ve got a working front end.

If I were to try again without time constraints, I think this would be a good project on which to learn Angular. But if I wanted to actually finish it using tech I know, I’d use jQuery on the front and Go in the back.