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Hello 👋

This site is mostly a place where I celebrate web development. I like many areas of software engineering, but web development is my home. The "Projects" section is where I show off work that I'm proud of (and some old things I used to be proud of).

Also... there are so many fantastic dev blogs out there already. I want to start linking to them, and hopefully add something valuable with my voice, too.

I enjoy positive conversations on Mastodon, and I have a GitHub profile where you can see the source code for this site, if you like.

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Fine print

This site uses GoatCounter visitor analytics. I like knowing when people see my site, which posts they read, and the screen sizes people use. (So far, it's mostly phones and big computer screens.) You can block the JavaScript if you like, or toggle the analytics for yourself. (A message will appear to tell you that it's been turned on or off.)

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